To Choose Productions, LLC

Alternative Dance Fitness
To Choose Productions partners with Violet Flame Studios for their registration systems, marketing, live courses & online product development. 

Video Clip Production
We make video clips for a multitude of purposes... Facebook ads, wedding videographers, schools, churches, youth and adult sports leagues... and many more!  

Contact us today to tell us what you need. 

Music for sensual or study environments
Music always sets the mood.  This may not be for everyone, as different people of course like different things...  But if you like smooth sexy instrumental ambient music, this is for you!  

Available on itunes and other sources.    

Online Course Development

Get paid for your knowledge
Have some knowledge to sell?  We have the tools & resources you need to develop your special knowledge and skills into a profitable online course.  Work with professionals who will guide your journey. 
Many years ago, two people were talking about the name of their production company they would one day have... and so was born To Choose Productions.   

This name came from a play on words of the sounds made when speaking "two shoes",  and the need to be completely random - like those tag video credits you see at the end of a television show...  

It was funny at the time and here we are.  Thanks for joining us today!
A little more about
  • Who uses was created to serve the amateur & professional videographer communities.  

Sometimes you just need a little introduction, title, or ending to put on your masterpiece!  Why spend hundreds of dollars and lots of time ~ just!
  • Customize until you like it... will work with you directly ~ we are not robots.   Usually the first render is perfect but there are times when a little tweaking may be necessary.   If you are still not satisfied with your video clip at the end of the revision cycle, we will refund you 100%.
We can work with you to develop your content into online course material.  
and here's where we invite you...
If you would like, drop your email here.  From time to time we will let you know about new stuff.   We won't sell your email or spam you.  Ever.  Promise. 
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